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Dr Philip Burgess

Phil Burgess 001

Phil's Clinical PhD Programme Experience:

"I am an ophthalmologist currently undertaking a  Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD in Blantyre, Malawi.   My project focuses on the epidemiology of diabetic retinopathy in the  Malawian population and will explore some of the underlying disease  mechanisms.  This fellowship has allowed  me to develop my research interest in retinal vascular biology and further my  career in academic ophthalmology.  It has  allowed me to preform meaningful medical research in a developing country with  clear long term benefits for patients.

As part of the fellowship I have completed the  Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) at Liverpool School of  Tropical Medicine, and published a systematic review of the epidemiology of DR  in Africa.   Data from my on-going cohort  study will be published in peer reviewed journals over the next 2 years.  I have improved my knowledge of study design  and implementation, medical statistics, and critical appraisal of medical  literature, and developed leadership and project management skills.  I have developed academic collaborations in  the UK and abroad and have successfully applied for funding for an  ophthalmology research fellow to continue work on DR in Blantyre after my  departure.  I have helped develop  services for DR in Blantyre by training clinical officers in recognition and  referral of DR and registrars in laser therapy.   Together with local ophthalmologists I have developed referral pathways  for patients with diabetes. 

During the remainder of the fellowship I look forward to interacting  with leaders in the field of DR research at international meetings and health  policy makers in Malawi.  I will be  involved in setting the research agenda for DR in Malawi improving DR services  in the country.  I will continue to  provide laser therapy in Blantyre (>150 patients treated so far) and will  continue progress in small incision cataract surgery.  On my return to the UK I will continue my  post graduate training in ophthalmology.   I will apply for a Clinical Lecturer post with the intention of  developing our group’s international collaborations in diabetic retinopathy  research (specifically with Hong Kong and LV Prasad eye Institute,  Hyderabad).  I will subsequently pursue a  career in medical and surgical retina with an academic component."

Publications for Philip Burgess

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