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Dr Katharine Stott


Publications for Katharine Stott

Publication Pharmacokinetics of rifampicin in adult TB patients and healthy volunteers: a systematic review and meta-analysis
K E Stott H Pertinez M G G Sturkenboom M J Boeree R Aarnoutse G Ramachandran A Requena-Méndez C Peloquin C F N Koegelenberg J W C Alffenaar R Ruslami A Tostmann S Swaminathan H McIlleron G Davies

Publication Therapeutic drug monitoring for invasive mould infections and disease: pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic considerations
Stott KE, Hope WW

Publication Managing potential drug-drug interactions between gastric acid-reducing agents and antiretroviral therapy: experience from a large HIV-positive cohort.
Lewis JM, Stott KE, Monnery D, Seden K, Beeching NJ, Chaponda M, Khoo S, Beadsworth MB.

Publication Brief Report: Virologic Monitoring Can Be a Cost-Effective Strategy to Diagnose Treatment Failure on First-Line ART.
Vandormael AM, Boulware DR, Tanser FC, Bärnighausen TW, Stott KE, de Oliveira T.

Publication Adequacy of Rifampin Absorption after Jejunostomy Tube Administration.
Stott KE, Singh B, Beadsworth MB, Vaudrey K, Khoo SH, Davies G.

Publication Clostridium difficile: A healthcare-associated infection of unknown significance in adults in sub-Saharan Africa.
Keeley AJ, Beeching NJ, Stott KE, Roberts P, Watson AJ, Beadsworth MB.