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Dr James Scriven

James Scriven 001

James' Clinical PhD Programme Experience:

"I applied  for the Liverpool-Wellcome clinical PhD program because it offered excellent  research training in an internationally well-respected institution, while  pursuing my interests in infectious diseases and global health.

Since starting on the program I have  completed a masters degree in Liverpool and am currently conducting a clinical  study in South Africa, examining the relationship between dysfunctional immune  response and poor outcome in patients with HIV associated cryptococcal  meningitis. Recruitment to my study is almost complete and I am now looking  forward to analyzing the data and (finally) testing some of my hypotheses.  

The highlights so far have been the  exposure to the world of academia, working with likeminded researchers from  other countries, and involvement in the treatment of patients with HIV  infection at a time when the benefits of ART roll-out are finally being felt. I  have set up collaborations with groups in Uganda and the USA, and recently  presented some of our preliminary data at an international conference.

After finishing the program I will return  to the UK to complete my training in infectious disease, but hope to return to  academic medicine in the future.

Publications for James Scriven

Publication Household air pollution causes dose-dependent inflammation and altered phagocytosis in human macrophages.
Rylance J, Fullerton DG, Scriven J, Aljurayyan AN, Mzinza D, Barrett S, Wright AK, Wootton DG, Glennie SJ, Baple K, Knott A, Mortimer K, Russell DG, Heyderman RS, Gordon SB.

Publication Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in HIV-infected patients
Naomi F Walker, James Scriven, Graeme Meintjes and Robert J Wilkinson

Publication Early ART After Cryptococcal Meningitis Is Associated With Cerebrospinal Fluid Pleocytosis and Macrophage Activation in a Multisite Randomized Trial.
Scriven JE, Rhein J, Hullsiek KH, von Hohenberg M, Linder G, Rolfes MA, Williams DA, Taseera K, Meya DB, Meintjes G, Boulware DR; COAT Team.

Publication Flow cytometry to assess CSF fungal burden in cryptococcal meningitis.
Scriven JE, Graham LM, Schutz C, Scriba TJ, Wilkinson RJ, Boulware DR, Meintjes G, Lalloo DG, Urban BC.

Publication Nosocomial Drug-Resistant Bacteremia in 2 Cohorts with Cryptococcal Meningitis, Africa
Radha Rajasingham, Darlisha Williams, David B. Meya, Graeme Meintjes, David R. Boulware, and James Scriven

Publication Household Air Pollution Causes Dose-dependent Inflammation and Altered Phagocytosis in Human Macrophages.
Rylance J, Fullerton DG, Scriven J, Aljurayyan AN, Mzinza D, Barrett S, Wright AK, Wootton DG, Glennie SJ, Baple K, Knott A, Mortimer K, Russell DG, Heyderman RS, Gordon SB.

Publication Central nervous system immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome.
Bahr N, Boulware DR, Marais S, Scriven J, Wilkinson RJ, Meintjes G.

Publication Management of the immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome.
Meintjes G, Scriven J, Marais S.

Presentations and posters:           

J  Scriven, J Rhein, K H Hullsiek, M von Hohenberg, G Linder, M A Rolfes, D  Williams, D Meya, G Meintjes, D R Boulware. Early  ART after Cryptococcal Meningitis increased macrophage activation in a  multi-site randomised trial. CROI 2013 Atlanta.

Conference  of Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Atlanta, USA, March 2013.

Poster  presentation and oral themed discussion

Early  ART after Cryptococcal Meningitis Increases CSF Macrophage Activation in a  Multisite Randomized Trial. James  Scriven, Joshua Rhein, Kathy Huppler Hullsiek, Maximilian von Hohenberg,  Grace Linder, Melissa A Rolfes, Darlisha Williams, David B Meya, Graeme  Meintjes, David R Boulware.