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Dr Emma Wall

Emma Wall 000Emma's Clinical PhD Programme Experience:   

"I wanted to undertake a research training fellowship to take  forward some of my research ideas that arose from my clinical experiences of  patients with meningitis while working in Uganda. Patients with CNS infections  in Africa constitute a significant proportion of the clinical case-load in most  hospitals.  Very little work has been  done to understand why the burden of meningitis and the associated mortality is  high. The WTCPP was very attractive to me as a clinician to undertake high  quality research training for my PhD. I chose the Liverpool programme, as the  key collaborators I wanted to work with are all based in either MLW/LSTM/UoL; the  collaborations between these organisations have created a major centre of  excellence for research in meningitis and brain infections. All the major  trials in meningitis in Africa excluding vaccine work have been done through  MLW and LSTM. The programme in Liverpool also included a 1 year Masters  programme which enabled me to obtain very necessary research training and plan  my fellowship in detail without the distractions of clinical work. I have set  up and am running the first clinical research study in the new WT funded Adult  Emergency Trauma Centre to undertake the first formal clinical trial of goal  directed therapy in adults in Africa. I have been extremely well supported by  the Trust, my supervisors and the centre to take my initial idea for the study forward  from interview to on-going patient recruitment.

I am looking forward to the end of the trial to examine the  results to see if goal directed therapy is safe and achievable in a resource  limited setting. I am the first Fellow on the programme to undertake an  interventional trial with mortality as an endpoint which is a huge  responsibility. Preliminary data suggests optimising early management can make  a significant difference to outcome from meningitis, but no formal data will be  available until November 2013. My husband and I have both enjoyed living in  Malawi and our 2 year old son has spent most of his life here, he is thriving  in this environment. I intend to return to clinical medicine in 2014 and apply  for further funding through another fellowship to test goal directed therapy in  a more definitive large cluster randomised trial, if my current study should  prove successful."

Publications for Emma Wall

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Researchgate Profile:

Book Chapters:

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Additional Grants:

Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene has awarded  a  small grant of £4,968 for Aetiology of culture negative presumed bacterial meningitis in  neonates and HIV-infected adults in Malawi.