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Dr Cristina Ardura-García

Cristina Ardura 000

Cristina's Clinical PhD Programme Experience:

"When I applied to this fellowship, I thought it would be a unique opportunity to initiate a research and academic career in a tropical setting. I had carried out an MSc in Tropical Paediatrics at LSTM, during which my research project supervisor advised me to consider undertaking a PhD if I wished to work in developing countries, as it would allow me to combine research in tropical diseases with clinical work, which is what I most desired to do. I was already working and living in Ecuador when I applied to the fellowship, and it has now enabled me to continue working in this country, developing a research project with my current supervisor. I am looking forward to starting my PhD project in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, as it is a big challenge for me: starting my own research project from beginning to end, with the continuous support and advice of highly experienced supervisors.

From what I have experienced up until now, I would highlight the multiple possibilities the University of Liverpool and the LSTM offers, as I have been able to receive direct supervision and help from different experts.

As part of the MRes in Clinical Sciences, I have carried out a pilot case-control study in Ecuador which was highly successful and which has contributed with important preliminary data that will help us plan and elaborate an interesting and relevant PhD Research Project."