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Dr Christine Kelly


Christine's Clinical PhD Programme Experience:

"I applied for the Wellcome trust PhD Scheme at Liverpool because it is the perfect opportunity for me to spend time working in a field that I am passionate about, to learn new skills in science and research and to carry me forward to a life long academic career based in Africa. So far I have been presented with opportunities to gain advice from internationally renowned experts, learn new skills in cutting edge laboratory techniques and begin work on several new projects all related to my area of interest. I am really looking forward to spending time in clinics and wards in Malawi getting to know patients and staff. I will also enjoy getting lots of experience in clinical medicine and managing a large research project. But for me the highlights are always the little things, for example, figuring out how to overcome a hurdle in project planning or design or chatting about interesting scientific issues with like minded people. I think the early stage of this fellowship is very exciting as it provides a platform for ideas to flourish and the support to believe that they can become reality."

See Christine discuss her first year and thoughts for her time in Malawi:


Publications for Christine Kelly

Publication Inflammatory Phenotypes Predict Changes in Arterial Stiffness following ART Initiation
Christine Kelly, Willard Tinago, Dagmar Alber, Patricia Hunter, Natasha Luckhurst, Jake Connolly, Francesca Arrigoni, Alejandro Garcia Abner, Ralph Kamngona, Irene Sheha, Mishek Chammudzi, Kondwani Jambo, Jane Mallewa, Alicja Rapala, Robert S Heyderman, Patrick W G Mallon, Henry Mwandumba, A Sarah Walker, Nigel Klein, Saye Khoo

Publication HIV-related arterial stiffness in Malawian adults is associated with proportion of PD-1 expressing CD8 T-cells and reverses with anti-retroviral therapy.
Kelly C1, Mwandumba HC, Heyderman RS, Jambo K, Kamng'ona R, Chammudzi M, Sheha I, Peterson I, Rapala A, Mallewa J, Walker AS, Klein N, Khoo S.

Publication Discordant Immune Response with Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-1: A Systematic Review of Clinical Outcomes
Kelly C, Gaskell KM, Richardson M, Klein N, Garner P, MacPherson P

Publication Unstructured treatment interruption: an important risk factor for arterial stiffness in adult Malawian patients with antiretroviral treatment
Peterson I, Ming D, Kelly C, Malisita K, Mallewa J, Mwandumba HC, Lalloo DG, Heyderman RS.

Publication HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND) in Malawian Adults and Effect on Adherence to Combination Anti-Retroviral Therapy: A Cross Sectional Study.
Kelly CM, van Oosterhout JJ, Ngwalo C, Stewart RC, Benjamin L, Robertson KR, Khoo S, Allain TJ, Solomon T.


Winner of best presentation for 'Suboptimal immune reconstitution on antiretroviral therapy despite suppression of HIV-1 virus: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical burden', Masters in Research, University of Liverpool, 12th July 2013