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Dr Antonia Ho

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Publications for Antonia Ho

Publication Impact of HIV on the burden and severity of influenza illness in Malawian adults: a prospective cohort and parallel case-control study.
Ho A, Aston S, Jary H, Mitchell T, Alaerts M, Menyere M, Mallewa J, Nyirenda M, Everett D, Heyderman RS, French N.

Publication Household air pollution, chronic respiratory disease and pneumonia in Malawian adults: A case-control study.
Jary HR, Aston S, Ho A, Giorgi E, Kalata N, Nyirenda M, Mallewa J, Peterson I, Gordon SB, Mortimer K

Publication British HIV Association guidelines on the use of vaccines in HIV - positive adults 2015
Geretti AM, Brook G, Cameron C, Chadwick D, French N, Heyderman RS, Ho A, Hunter M, Ladhani S, Lawton M, MacMahon E, McSorley J, Pozniak A, Rodger A.

Publication Viral pneumonia in adults and older children in sub-Saharan Africa – epidemiology, aetiology, diagnosis and management
Antonia Ho

Publication Risk factors for failure of outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (OPAT) in infective endocarditis
Duncan CJA, Barr DA, Ho A, Sharp E, Semple L, Seaton RA