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 Our 6 most recent publications are:

PublicationTrial of ZMapp for Ebola Virus Infection
Jacob ShT, Fletcher TE.

PublicationCrimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in pregnancy: A systematic review and case series from Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey.
Pshenichnaya NY, Leblebicioglu H, Bozkurt I, Sannikova IV, Abuova GN, Zhuravlev AS, Barut S, Shermetova MB, Fletcher TE.

PublicationKnowledge, attitudes and practice for Ebola virus disease in the national rapidly deployable isolation and treatment facility in Sierra Leone.
Reidy P, Wurie A, Barnes W, Carr E, Kamau D, Marsden D, Mundell K, Watson L, Paveley M, Sithole BL, Sekikongo TM, Johnston AM, Fletcher TE.

PublicationPersonal protective equipment solution for UK military medical personnel working in an Ebola virus disease treatment unit in Sierra Leone
Reidy P, Fletcher T, Shieber C, Shallcross J, Towler H, Ping M, Kenworthy L, Silman N, Aarons E.

PublicationTherapeutic drug monitoring for invasive mould infections and disease: pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic considerations
Stott KE, Hope WW

PublicationReal-world persistence with antiretroviral therapy for HIV in the United Kingdom: A multicentre retrospective cohort study
Lewis JM, Smith C, Torkington A, Davies C, Ahmad S, Tomkins A, Shaw J, Kingston M, Muqbill G, Hay P, Mulka L, Williams D, Waters L, Brima N, Marshall N, Johnson M, Chaponda M, Nelson M.