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Centre Fellows

Read about  Fellows and post-doctoral researchers supported by our Centre, and take a look at some of their publications in our database:

Nic Desmond

Dr Nicola Desmond, Ethics & Society Fellow

Nicola is a medical anthropologist with over 12 years experience working in the field of public health research in sub-Saharan Africa. She is a Wellcome Trust Ethics and Society Fellow based at the MLW programme. Her research explores the social and ethical dimensions of introducing self-testing technologies for HIV. This work draws on previous research on perceptions of risk, risk behaviours and treatment seeking. She is the senior social scientist at the MLW programme where she is responsible for the strategic development of the Social Science Initiative which uses high quality mixed methods approaches and qualitative research to generate richer and more comprehensive data on how people respond to and experience illness. She leads work on social impacts of medical technologies, health seeking behaviour, engagement with health services for prevention and treatment and the bioethics of health research. She speaks three Bantu languages in addition to French and English and is committed to capacity building for high quality, internationally recognised social science to be conducted by African social scientists.

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Dr Standwell Nkhoma, Intermediate Level Fellow

Dr Standwell Nkhoma is a Malawian scientist with a broad range of research interests in tropical infectious diseases ranging from understanding the basic biology of pathogens and host-pathogen interactions, unraveling the mechanisms of drug resistance to evaluating the impact of disease control programmes. He is a recipient of the four-year Wellcome Trust Intermediate Fellowship in Tropical Medicine and Public Health, and is largely based at the MLW in Blantyre, Malawi. Dr Nkhoma’s project focuses on malaria, a parasitic disease transmitted to human beings through mosquito bites and responsible for over half a million deaths among African children annually. His project aims to characterise the genetic diversity of malaria parasites in patients from an area of intense malaria transmission in Malawi, and evaluate its effect on malaria disease severity and the evolution of antimalarial drug resistance. He will use the newly developed single-cell genomic approaches to characterise within-host diversity of malaria parasites at an unprecedented depth and scale.

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Kondwani Jambo

Dr Kondwani Jambo

Kondwani is a pulmonary immunologist with a particular interest in immune defence against pathogens in the lung. During his Fellowship, he aims to understand what promotes persistence of HIV in the lung after initiation of antiretroviral therapy. Persistence of HIV in the lung, especially in alveolar macrophages, presents an enormous challenge for the eradication of HIV in the human host. Kondwani’s research will mainly focus on investigating whether HIV suppresses host-immune functions that are key for recognition and clearance of HIV-infected cells in the lung. Understanding the mechanisms that promote persistence of HIV in the lung will help in the formulation of novel therapeutic strategies against HIV.

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Tom Fletcher

Dr Tom Fletcher, Research Training Fellow

Dr Tom Fletcher is a Wellcome Trust/MoD Research Training Fellow and an Infectious Diseases Speciality Registrar in Liverpool. He is a physician in the Defence Medical Services and his research at LSTM is investigating the pathogenesis of Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF). For his PhD he is examining theinteraction of immune response, viral load and clinical course in a cohort of patients with CCHF in Turkey, and undertaking his laboratory work at PHE Porton. He is specifically interested in viral haemorrhagic fevers and during a recent secondment with the World Health Organisation HQ, deployed several times as a clinician to Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

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Dr Catriona Waitt, Clinical Postdoctoral Fellow

Catriona is a Wellcome Trust Clinical Postdoctoral Fellow investigating antiretroviral pharmacokinetics in mother-infant pairs at the Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University, Uganda. She is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool with a focus on infection pharmacology in low-resource settings. Her PhD explored early mortality in Malawian adults treated for pulmonary tuberculosis (a Wellcome Trust Training Fellowship based at MLW), and her current fellowship builds on her existing skills, incorporating LC-MS/MS assay development, pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modelling and clinical trials.

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Augustine Choko 

Dr Augustine Choko, Wellcome Trust Public Health & Tropical Medicine Training Fellow

Augustine is a statistical epidemiologist with a special interest in statistical methods and public health trials.   His Fellowship aims to develop the statistical methodology to allow adaptive-trial concepts to be applied to clustered units of randomisation (cluster-randomised trials).  He then aims to apply these new methodologies in a Phase-2 trial ( comparing multiple different approaches (low-to-high fixed financial incentives, lottery prize draws, home-visits, etc.) aimed at encouraging male partners of pregnant women to test for HIV and subsequently link into HIV care or prevention (voluntary male medical circumcision).   The study will recruit women at the time of registration for antenatal care in Blantyre, Malawi, and will deliver HIV self-testing kits to men via their pregnant partner.  Adaptive trial designs can provide timely and efficient comparison of multiple interventions in a single study: and so may have special value in public health, where there are often many potential candidate interventions with relatively little to inform the choice between them.

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Joseph Kamtchum 

Dr Joseph Kamtchum, Wellcome Trust Public Health & Tropical Medicine Masters Fellow

Joseph is a neurologist interested in studying interactions between HIV infection and cerebrovascular diseases in order to inform prevention and treatment policies in sub-Saharan Africa. His Fellowship is divided into two parts: an initial 12-month training period for a Master’s of Research in Clinical Sciences at the University of Liverpool, followed by an 18-month clinical project in Malawi. He will use ELISA to measure and compare plasma levels of biomarkers of endothelial dysfunction in a cohort of HIV-negative and HIV-positive stroke patients (with or without antiretroviral therapy). He will also perform survival analysis to identify predictors of stroke recurrence.



Sg Head Shot

Dr Simon Graham, Wellcome Trust Public Health & Tropical Medicine Masters Fellow

Simon is a specialist trainee in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery within the Mersey Deanery. He undertook his undergraduate training at the University of Leeds (MBChB), where he also completed a postgraduate Research Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He has previously worked as an Orthopaedic Trauma and Research Fellow at Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi. His PhD is based in Cape Town, South Africa and will investigate the effect of HIV on fracture healing in trauma patients.